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For media on the design phase of our reforms in 2013-15, see below:-

Interview: Noel Pearson on Empowered Communities

30 Mar 2015 9:30 PM - Source: Lateline, ABC

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Sean Gordon, Andrea Mason and Noel Pearson appeared on ABC’s Late...

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Empowered Communities a chance to close the gap

30 Mar 2015 12:30 PM - Publication: The Sydney Morning Herald - Professor Marcia Langton

What is glaringly obvious in the political administration of Indigenous affairs is the absence of a clear vision and set of policies for overcoming the extreme disadvantages suffered by a large proportion of the Aboriginal population.


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The long, hard road to empowering Indigenous Australia

28 Mar 2015 2:15 AM - Publication: The Age - Michael Gordon

It is a word that has proved hard to define and impossible to deliver, but it has underpinned almost every substantial discussion about closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and achieving reconciliation.

When Elliott Johnston wrote t...

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Radical blueprint to end passive welfare

28 Mar 2015 2:00 AM - Publication: The Australian - Paul Kelly

A group of eight communities from the Kimberley to Cape York has produced a blueprint to recast the philosophy, policy and governance for indigenous affairs in Australia based on the idea of empowerment that gives indigenous people responsibili...

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Aboriginal leaders promote bold blueprint to close the gap

28 Mar 2015 1:15 AM - Publication: The Age - Michael Gordon

Indigenous leaders have presented the Abbott government with a bold blueprint to close the gap on disadvantage and advance reconciliation, warning that without fundamental change the gap will be as wide in 50 years as it is today.

They ha...

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