Across our regions we are implementing part of our Empowered Communities reforms. We are working in partnership with the Commonwealth, and developing partnerships with the State and Northern Territory governments. We are continuing to work with corporates through our Jawun partnerships.

The Commonwealth government has agreed to partner with us in our regions. This has enabled us to set up backbone organisations to support regional Indigenous leaders to implement our reforms. We are continuing discussions with the government about our proposals for institutional reforms at the national level to ensure that the gains that we make are the regional level are sustainable.

We are bringing our reforms to life. We are consulting with Indigenous people and organisations in our regions. We are analysing data and looking at existing services provided in our regions. We want to ensure that all available resources and opportunities are used as productively as possible. Based on this data, and the knowledge and experience of Indigenous people in our communities and regions, we are working on developing First Priority Agreements in 2016 -17 ahead of developing a five-year Regional Development Agenda for each of our regions.

This implementation work is key to help achieve our vision that our children will have the same opportunities and choices that other Australians expect for their children.