Inner Sydney

Redfern and La Perouse have been connected for millennia. The cultural Koori ‘hub’ of Redfern, near Sydney’s CBD, is just 14km from the beautiful coastal suburb of La Perouse. Together, these two communities comprise the Inner Sydney region for Empowered Communities.

The Inner Sydney Aboriginal Alliance comes together with a shared vision: Aboriginal people have a strong cultural identity and are successful, with equal opportunity to contribute and excel in safe and thriving communities.

The Indigenous community in Inner Sydney is vibrant, but also small and fragile. We face challenges with employment and education outcomes, with less than 50% of our people being employed and just 58% of 20-24 year olds completing year 12 or equivalent, compared with 91% for the non-Indigenous population (figures as at 2015).

Organisations and businesses in Inner Sydney share a common goal of revitalising the area and the community. Redfern is a hub for many successful Indigenous community organisations, businesses and institutions, and is well known as the birthplace of Aboriginal activism. These diverse organisations work across key areas of social and economic development for the community.

La Perouse, known as ‘La Pa’ to locals, is located on the shores of Botany Bay, and was the first point of contact for European settlers. Under the La Perouse Aboriginal Alliance, local Aboriginal organisations work to create trust, collaboration and a united voice on the community’s needs and wants. La Perouse is a place of untapped potential for businesses and tourism.

The Inner Sydney Aboriginal Alliance is setting a new standard for Indigenous engagement with government through Empowered Communities. It provides a platform for Indigenous people in Inner Sydney to unite with one voice to design and direct tailored solutions for the community’s needs. The Alliance’s ultimate goal is to empower the people of Redfern and La Perouse.

Image credits: La Perouse Youth Haven and ArtOf2 Designs

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