Kimberley Land Council and Empowered Communities (EC)are taking important and coordinated steps forward together will greatly assist the goal of self-determination. Building a responsive and integrated regional collaboration inside and outside is critical to the success of a regional authority.

Success would create incredibly powerful cultural, social, economic and political possibilities. Seizing possibilities and turning them into sustainable change and progress is a big task and it will require a well organised coordinated effort across the region. Kimberley Futures (KF) invested some initial and potent thinking about and approaches to nation building which continues to influence Kimberley Land Council and EC. Implementation of Regional Decision Making over two contract rounds has instilled important processes and equally, has raised challenges for government in implementing the structural reform required described in the EC Design Report.


Our vision: The Kimberley Land Council is a community organisation working for and with Kimberley Aboriginal people to get back country, look after country and get control of the future.


Image credits: Kimberley Land Council

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