Our Voice Submission

Empowered Communities National Leaders have worked together to develop our submission to the Voice co-design process.

The Voice reforms present a huge opportunity—one that can benefit all Australians if it is seized—to put in place a partnership framework that connects four key policy pieces.

  • Recognition of Indigenous Voices;
  • Empowerment through Structural Reforms and Indigenous Agency;
  • Improving the Productivity of Investment;
  • Closing the Gap.

It can be the cornerstone to bring all key parties together in partnership, including the Australian and state/territory governments and First Nations people through the National Voice and Local and Regional Voices, so we can work together in an enduring way to close the gap.

Structurally linked membership from Local and Regional Voices to the National Voice will ensure there is continuity from the grassroots to the national level, and that people who are committed to and understand the agreed local and regional agendas can carry this agenda through to the state/territory and National Voice levels.

For more detail about our proposed reforms, we encourage you to read our report.

"Empowered Communities is about nothing less than carving out power for ourselves to maintain the distinctness of our people and yet, at the same time, the equality of our citizenship."