Backbone Organisation

Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Empowered Communities (NPY EC) work is led by the
Aboriginal people of the land, Anangu, and is grounded in Tjukurpa (culture), Walytja (family), Manta
(country), and Wangka (language). This approach, together with strong collaboration between
communities, regional Anangu organisations, service providers and government, is focussed on supporting
and enabling the leadership and agency of Anangu to create transformational change and to drive the
long-term development of the NPY region.

NPY EC is a growing alliance of Aboriginal partner organisations who, with the guidance and advice of their Anangu Directors, provide oversight of a small secretariat, currently auspiced by NPY Women’s Council.

Anangu have confirmed six regional priorities:

  • Work, meaningful engagement and financial security
  • Education, culture and youth support
  • Anangu led decision making and community empowerment
  • Caring for the vulnerable
  • Housing and infrastructure
  • Keeping safe

Based on these priorities, NPY EC’s first priority initiatives are:

  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • School to Work Transition
  • Intensive Support for New Workers
  • Kulintja Kutju Regional Funding and Procurement Review Group

Empowered Communities is about all Anangu ideas and intentions and how we’d like things to be for our children. As well it is about the kinds of things that are important to us. Empowered Communities is like us holding the power to be our own government, instead of us always asking and asking. Instead we are doing it for ourselves”.